Fitzgerald Painting


Fitzgerald Painting is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured Oahu painting contractor, providing exceptional paint services to Hawaii communities since 1982.

A Family Company

As a multi-generational family business focusing on residential repaint projects, we’ve developed a culture of quality that has allowed us to grow for more than 30 years, with many loyal clients who trust our expertise due to our attention to detail, project management, execution, and professionalism both on and off the job site. Our clientele consists mainly of home owners with a discerning eye for craftsmanship, who care about their investments and a job done right.

The Job Done Right

Unlike other contractors that will cut corners when convenient, we go through every measure possible to make sure you get the most out of your painting investment. Painting (with proper application techniques) will address problem areas of your home, preserve its structure, and add an aesthetic beauty.

It’s no secret that the most important aspect of any paint job is preparation.  If the required task of paint preparation is neglected, then using even the highest quality paint afterwards is like throwing money away because the application won’t last.

We always clean, sand, and prime all surfaces to be painted. These steps increase adhesion and maximizes finish paint elasticity, color, and sheen which leads to a longer lasting job. With a quality paint application, you can avoid future maintenance costs associated with color burnout, heavy mildew growth, peeling, and bubbling. These issues will cause your next paint job to be more expensive, should they arise.

Every precaution is taken on our part to protect your personal belongings, fixtures, landscaping, and property during our time on the job site.

Only The Best Materials

With decades of industry experience to call upon, we use only the highest quality, tried-and-true materials available from each of our manufacturers to ensure the best results possible, while staying competitive.

Insured & Safe

We want our clients to feel confident choosing us as their painting contractor; that’s why we maintain a multi-million dollar insurance policy to help safeguard you and your property from any accidental damages that could be incurred by our work. All of our employees are covered under worker’s compensation insurance, which acts as an additional layer of protection for our clients from any unplanned incidents on the job site.

We always use proper equipment, scaffolding, and all safety measures necessary for a worry free experience for both ourselves and our clients.